1. Vertical integration of technology, a pioneer in the memory storage industry : 

KINGMAX is the world's first memory storage manufacturer with professional 
and advanced memory module packaging and testing facilities. It has over
30 years of experience in patent R&D and market management strategies in
the memory market, and strives to be a professional leading memory brand. 

2. A leader with innovative research and development capabilities to provide best memory solutions :

The company's skilled research and development team has long been committed to making technological breakthroughs and innovative products. Multiple patents technologies such as the TinyBGA™ packaging technology have led the way to technological transformations in the industry, and the launch of a comprehensive collection of memory product lines provides consumers all over the world with the highest quality memory solutions.


3. Rigorous production and quality inspection for the best in stability and reliability :

KINGMAX Headquarters, located in Hsinchu, Taiwan, has received international quality management ISO9001 certification. Every product produced at the plant must pass rigorous and comprehensive tests and quality controls to ensure uniform quality, compatibility, and reliability. In the minds of clients and customers, KINGMAX is synonymous with stable quality and excellent performance.


4. Active distribution system of the brand's global reach :  

lLong-term cultivation and establishment of self-owned brands, using excellent agency systems and distribution channel management strategies to form a marketing system of close cooperation between regional markets around the world, propelling the steady growth of KINGMAX's overall business performance.

5. Comprehensive customer service : 

lProviding clients and consumers with thoughtful, safe, and reliable after-sales service and protecting their rights with global warranty and a fast product exchange management system is KINGMAX's enduring principle.