Kingmax is launching the world's smallest Alcohol Check!!

Alcohol Check


The sizzling summer is drawing to an end, and a refreshing fall is coming to town, a great time for get-togethers over meals and drinks. For this purpose, Kingmax has developed a nifty product for you: the Alcohol Check, a smart breathalyzer which enables you to attend business entertainment, family dinners and wild parties without a worry about Don’t Drink and Drive. This smart device will either tell you your alcohol concentration is low enough to drive, or it will connect you to your designated pick-up driver (a friend or taxi company). Either way, you’ll get home safely.


This brand-new smart alcohol detector developed by Kingmax has been designed for Android smart phones and comes with an exclusive app with several unique features. It will set the BrAC and BAC standard values (breath alcohol concentration and blood alcohol concentration) in accordance with the law of your location, a convenient feature for business and leisure travelers. Whenever the test results exceed the local standard value, the app will display a red alert reading "Health Impairment" and display your designated driver, to keep you in the driver’s seat of your health and let you be chauffeured home, woozy as you are. The app also saves your alcohol tests so you can see your alcohol intake over time.


The slim and fashionably designed Alcohol Check does not require a battery and is so light it’s easy to have on you when you go out for a good time and intend to come home safe and sound.


Going out for a meal and drinks with friends? No worries. Just bring the Alcohol Check for a quick and easy check. Stay healthy, stay safe. Kingmax cares for you.





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